Visual Artist - art consultant


About Fulgence Niamba

Based in the UK, Fulgence was born in the Ivory Coast. He studied fine arts and graduated from the National Arts Institute of Abidjan, Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts of Paris and from the University of Paris. He taught Fine Arts in France, here in the UK, and in the Ivory Coast, including a lectureship at the National Arts institute of Abidjan INSAAC, where he largely contributed to the development of a number of art teachers and artists. As an artist, he took part in numerous group, as well as solo exhibitions here in the UK and internationally. Inspired by the Symbolism of the Hebrew letters, the African traditions, and environmental issues, Fulgence constantly seeks balance in his work, which is characterised by expressive and geometrical lines, contrast of tones with a very limited palette. 

Much More..

The extremely proactive Fulgence is currently working on a Community Arts Centre project in the Ivory Coast to help young and non-established artists, with an art venue to perform in and showcase their works. The father of 5, also promotes Peace through visual arts as the founder and curator of the extremely popular biennial, UNESCO’s Art For Peace Exhibition in Paris. 


Fulgence at UNESCO Paris, with Ivory Coast First Lady, Dominique Ouattara (on Fulgence's right) and Ivory Coast Ministers of Culture, Education and former Prime Minister, Mr Soro Guillaume (far left).


Event Founder & Curator Fulgence, Closing Speech.


 At When Art Meets Jazz Event - Mayfair Royal Overseas League (ROSL) with Dawn Butler MP. 


ROSL Event, Fulgence introducing to guests his masterpiece, the majestic Woman & the Mask painting.


Raffle time at the ROSL Event..

Curator Brendan Mitchell introducing the raffle price, the striking Symphony by Fulgence Niamba. 

... and the stunning painting went to the lovely, very thrilled Florence Ho (photo below).